Pro.Energy©: A Software Solution for Efficiency and Sustainability

Pro.Energy©: A Software Solution for Efficiency and Sustainability


Energy management systems are critical for companies trying to reduce consumption, increase efficiency and implement sustainable practices. Pro.Energy© is an open software solution with complete connectivity, intuitive interfaces, simplified monitoring and robust data acquisition and analysis capabilities that helps you set and achieve realistic consumption goals.


Energy Performance Indicators

Pro.Energy© includes integrated analysis tools that leverage all-inclusive and ready-to-use reports, charts and tables. Its Energy Performance Indicators (EnPIs) are essential to effective consumption analysis, and support efficient energy use by reducing or removing waste detected through analysis.

Pro.Energy© collects all energy vector data and stores them on databases. The generated data reporting tools can be easily and reliably customized as needed. In addition to real energy measurements, the system also records virtual measurements defined by the user’s specifications. This allows you to run comparisons between real behavior and virtue measurements or use the virtual measurements to manage and distribute energy logic groups, for example by summing up specific meters. Energy managers and operators can obtain sophisticated and powerful analytical reports based on information that enables the rapid detection and remediation of waste conditions.

Energy Certifications

Pro.Energy© is a complete, flexible, and comprehensible solution for energy consumption certification. Sustainability goals and the increasing cost of energy have made this objective essential for all companies, no matter how much energy they consume.

By becoming energy efficient, you accomplish more than cost savings. By making efficiency a core company objective, you can enhance your business’s reputation as a supporter of eco-sustainability. Companies that carefully monitor their energy consumption can also become eligibile for favorable government incentives.

Pro.Energy© helps make energy efficiency a highly cost-effective investment in your future. This solution can help you stay ahead of new regulations that will penalize inefficient energy users, and lock in reduction mechanisms without expensive, mandated upgrades.


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